Fix WordPress Permalinks Not Working 404
If you are using WordPress for your blog or website maybe you already get the trouble for WordPress Permalinks Not Working 404 error. Actually, it’s the common error for WordPress users and it’s not a big problem ! But, It can give a big pain. Like your website visitor come into your website and can’t open… (0 comment)

Google Has Confirmed PageRank Is No More For ToolBar
Leading SEO and Marketing news portal “Search Engine Land” get confirmed from google that the google removing their toolbar PageRank permanently. That means the PageRank is dead (RIP.). So if you are using a toolbar who show you every website PageRank status from google server, then it’s stopped and now it will show an error from now, and… (4 comments)

Google AdSense Understand The Filipino Now
The official blog of google Adsense announces that the Adsense will support the Filipino language from the April 10th 2016. It’s really an exciting news for all Filipino bloggers and other Filipino content site owners. Filipino is mother language of the Philippines and the language is spoken by millions of peoples. There is also thousands of a website built in the Filipino… (1 comment)

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. It’s a very effective tool for business owners too who offer affiliate programs for their products of services. By affiliate marketing, it’s possible to get more and more customers for any businesses with sharing some profits and it’s not a big deal because… (2 comments)

Shopify Bring New Plugin For WordPress to Challenge Woocommerce
You may already know about Shopify, who is world leading eCommerce platform and recently Shopify just announce their new eCommerce plugin for the WordPress who is also number one CMS platform in the world. But on WordPress, we already have a big competitor “Woocommerce” which is already much bigger with their services and popularity but still Shopify is a… (0 comment)

Social Media Ads Mistakes You Should Avoid
Social platform advertising is on of the most powerful marketing progress to increase you business or sale. It doesn’t matter what type of business or products you have but with proper social paid advertising you can increase them anytime. On big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn it’s too easy to post your business advertising. Posting… (0 comment)

8 Things Every Desk Needs
Every day you spent a lot of times in front of your desk. It’s your workstation so you will need some easy tools just near your hand to make it more reliable. On this post, I will put most 8 things every desk needs. Things every desk needs  Headphones : Getting a headphone on your… (2 comments)